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  • Q. Does it make the teacher's job easier?
  • A: Yes. By giving each student an online assessment based on the state or CBSE standards we discover which strands and topics students are proficient in and in which ones they need additional assistance. We then develop an individual Customized Study Plan specifically to meet the needs of that student. The program then issues a learning plan for that student's needs that carries him or her for the next 16 weeks. Teachers can supplement the programmatic learning with additional one-on-one time once they know the specific areas of improvement that the student has.

    The software even has automatic built in remediation which realizes that students have never learned or forgotten concepts from earlier years. They are brought back to those topics and work until they are proficient. They then return to their on-grade level work.
  • Q. What reporting do you provide?
  • A: Teachers and administrators have the ability to check on student progress at any time 24/7/365 via our secure password protected server. They can look at assessment reports, attendance records, and student progress reports for each student for whom they have responsibility.

    Since students take a pre assessment and post assessment for every topic they work on it is easy to track improvement as they go. 86% of our students improved by an average of 49% in their pre and post testing.
  • Q. Why should we use You?
  • A: We have been helping students in grades 2-12 improve in mathematics for over five years. In that time we have had over 12,000 students take 400,000+ hours of learning with us in 28 states(USA).
    The bulk of our students have been in SES, the free learning through No Child Left Behind(US Govt. Project). In fact in our home state of Georgia there were more students using our math platform than the next 8 learning companies combined! Not only were we big, but we delivered results. According to the GADoE 67% of the students using our program met or exceeded state requirements on
    state math tests, end of course tests and graduation tests. That compares to 46.5% of the students in a control group. So 44% more students met state standards while using our program. In addition, 86% of students using our program improved in math with the average improvement being 49% in pre and post assessment test results. Lastly 86% of students also said that their math report card grade went up in school after taking our program so this is very consistent.
    We have also had a school-based solution that was very successful in helping schools make their AYP targets. That product has been retired. Changes are happening to the SES program and we worry that there will be no low cost, proven effective, scalable solution available to help students succeed. Add in the numerous requests we have received from both schools and individual families to make our product more widely available and you see why we have launched Achieve Highpoints for Schools.
  • Q. We are a private school. Can we use the program?
  • A: Absolutely. HighPoints Math is a great solution for public, private or Govt. schools. Regardless of which type of school you are, 9 out of 10 of your students will improve in math as a result of taking our program.
  • Q. How much does it cost?
  • Our program pricing is based on the number of students you sign up and the duration of the agreement. Please contact us via the Contact Us button or email us at info@highpoints.co.in and we will arrange an information gathering call to discuss your needs. Please be sure to include your school or organization name, the number of students and age groups and a brief description of what you are interested in doing. We believe that when you see the results we have consistently delivered you will find us a great value.
  • Q. What is this value added service you supply
  • A: As educators you want to focus on what you do best, educating students. We have built a team of former educators and business people who will help make the job of ordering, implementing and managing the program easier. Do you need a program manager on site? We can help place them. Are you wondering if funding options are available? Our grants experts will be able to assist. Need someone to write the grant? We can even assist with that in many instances.
    Our relationship management is key to the success of this program. We know that the program will help your students improve in math. We will also help you improve the way you manage programs like this. That will be a real win-win arrangement.
  • Q. How many students can we sign up?
  • A:We have a minimum requirement of 100 students. The maximum is limited by your imagination. Since it is an online platform we have no teacher capacity limits. We can handle whatever you bring us...from 100 to 1000 students or more!
  • Q. I am interested. How do I sign up?
  • A. That is great. Please contact us via the Contact Us button or email us at info@highpoints.co.in and we will arrange an information gathering call to discuss your needs. Please be sure to include your school or organization name, the number of students and age groups and a brief description of what you are interested in doing. One of our representatives will contact you for an initial information gathering call.
  • Q. How well do students do on the program?
  • With over five years of results analysis we can say that students do very well. In fact 86% of our students improved by an average of 49% in that pre and post testing. Their average starting score on the pre assessment was 45.9%. After using our program the post assessment or final exam average score is 63%. This is a 17 point improvement which equals a 49% increase using the sum of the averages method of tracking.
    In Georgia(USA) 67% of the students using our platform for SES met or exceeded state standards for math on their state tests, end of course tests and graduation test. These were all low performing students when we got them yet two thirds passed or exceeded standards upon taking our program for just 10+ hours. This is compared to 46.5% of students with no additional after school learning. So 44% more students met standards than the control group of like students with HighPoints Learning.
    Picture your school and the changes in student behavior and attitude that will be seen when 9 out of 10 of them improved their math performance by 49%. Don't just dream about something like that. You can make it a reality right now with HighPoints Learning .
  • Q. We are a non-profit community service organization. Can we offer HighPoints math to our students?
  • A: Absolutely. While the name says "for Schools" the program is for anyone with a group of 100 or more students who need online math help as part of an in school or after school program. We can work with your organization to try to build a cadre of participants which may lead to joint cooperation programs with schools or applying for grants together as a team.
  • Q. What hardware or software do we need?
  • A: Students use our program via an internet enabled computer from school, after school programs, at home or virtually any internet-enabled computer. We are a Software as a Service (SaaS) company. This means that there is no software for you to load or upload to make it work. We manage all installation and upgrades of the software within the network so it is seamless and work-free for your IT team.

    Our program does require a free download of Math Player if you use Internet Explorer. If you use the Firefox web browser from Mozilla, which we highly recommend for our math program, there are no additional installs or downloads required.