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A customized learning plan with built in remediation form the foundation of the guided practice you get with HighPoints Math
When you choose HighPoints Math you are helping your teachers help their students through:
diagnostic assessment
Each student takes an up-front test, based on your state math standards, which identifies areas of strength and areas of challenge.
student learning plan
A customized individual learning plan is developed just for that student to maximize their results against their challenges. Teachers are thrilled to see the exact concepts that students need help with to become proficient.
Our program takes students back in time to re-learn math concepts they either never knew, or forgot. We have been told that this is one of the key strengths of our program and something that teachers rarely have time to evaluate or remediate.
online access
You use the program however you see fit. It can be a zero hour practice program, in school remediation program, after school learning program. You can even assign it as homework.
result reporting
Teachers can check on student progress any time 24/7/365 from any internet enabled computer.
cost effective
Our proven program a cost effective way to boost math performance, Race to the Top, Gear up and other available grants and programs.