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Grade-Level Proficiency-Remediation-Response to Intervention

Grade-Level Proficiency
One of the big challenges facing teachers today is that they do not have the time to find out exactly what learning gaps each student may have. With HighPoints Math each student begins the learning process by taking a diagnostic assessment based on state Math standards for their grade. The student and teacher then have access to their Diagnostic Assessment Test Report. This document shows how the student performed versus proficiency for the strands. The key areas of strength and challenge in the conceptual skills are also detailed. The program will automatically start by working on the first challenge area and move along as the student achieves proficiency.

Teachers can use this report to work on specific topics for individual students as well. There is no guess work on what they may or may not know. It is all laid out for the teacher and student. The Strengths are in Green and the Challenges in Red.

Our program takes each student through their individual Customized Study Plan one topic at a time. Once they are proficient at a topic we will move them to the next challenge area. This continues throughout the entire school year until the student has met grade level proficiency in all topics.

The software was designed to conduct built-in automatic remediation. If the program sees that a student has a learning gap on a topic from an earlier year it takes them back to that topic and re-teaches it to them. This occurs automatically and the student has no idea that it is happening so there is no embarrassment factor. Once they learn the remediation topic they are brought back to current grade level and they continue moving forward.

Response to Intervention
HighPoints Math is a great recovery tool for schools to use if a student has been identified as an RTI candidate. The self paced program lets students work at their own pace. Teachers can use it as class work, after school work or even homework. With our proven track record of success the student will be getting back to grade level proficiency in no time.