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“I truly know that this program has helped me out a lot. It has really improved my math skills a lot. Now I have succeeded my Algebra I class and passed it with an A⁺. Now I’m going to the 10th grade and experiencing the same qualities this year, so that I can pass. Thanks HighPoints!”

Ambika Goud

“HighPoints has helped me in numerous ways. It helped me remember lots of the things I needed to know from my Math concepts. It also helps me stay focused and keep up in my Algebra classes. I have seen a BIG improvement since I have been involved in HighPoints.”

Anil Kumar

“HighPoints has been a tremendous help to Ramesh. The program has challenged him by bringing back problem/formula from his first year; he had to remember how to work them again. Also, it has helped him to stay focus in class or he will be able to do the work on HighPoints and vice versa.”

Bhaskar P

“Since I have been using the HighPoints program my math scores are much better. At the awards ceremony at the end of the school year, I received a trophy for getting the highest math average in my class.”

Ruchi Puppala

“This program is fun, educational, awesome, long, and exciting.”

Chaithanya NC

“I am so thrilled that this program exists. This program has been able to show me and my child's teacher what his weaknesses and strong points are. This is a great way to boost the child's academic level. As a parent I am honored that this program exists.”


“My child really took to the HighPoints program. It took him a while to grasp the concept, but when he became familiar with the program he started doing better. I like the way HighPoints has the program set up. A child who has given up on learning can really renew their faith and their ability to learn through HighPoints. The programs initial test to target my child's weakness is a great tool.”

Dhanush Reddy

“HighPoints has really helped me learn new things in math. Since I started it, my math calculations have improved.”

Keerthi G

“Prior to using HighPoints, he shied away from math. He wouldn't complete his homework assignments and didn't find the subject to be fun. Now he enjoys math class and the many new challenges of a new math concept.”

karthik naidu

“HighPoints has helped me very much, over the short time period I have used HighPoints. I have noticed a great change in my math grades. At the beginning of the year I had a C in math, now I have an A. This has been a very helpful program.”


“HighPoints has helped my child, Khushi, very much. This program has helped her so much, that she will now be in pre-Algebra instead of transitional math. Thank you, I would highly recommend this program.”

Udai Shanker

“HighPoints helped me a lot. I went from an F in my freshmen year to an A in my sophomore year. I used the Algebra portion of HighPoints and both me and my family seen a great improvement in my math grade.”

Pallavi Reddy - WA

“My daughter grade points went from 5.5 to 7.8 in math in twelve weeks.”


“My daughter has always had good grades in math. When she started 6th grade she started having difficulties understanding the math. This affected her self-confidence in every way. HighPoints has helped her maintain her grades and regain her self-confidence. She understands what she is learning and does not struggle now. Without the learning she would have fallen behind, now she is at the head of her class.”

Sushma Kiran

“HighPoints helped my daughter in more areas than just math. She has developed more confidence in other subjects and improved all her grade points.”

Revanth Reddy

“HighPoints improved my skills in math and helped with Chemistry. My grades became exceptional and my confidence increased. I would say HighPoints made me a better student.”

usha Kumari

“Thank you for helping me in math. I needed that help. Thanks to HighPoints my grades has improved.”


“My gratitude goes out to HighPoints, for the wonderful job you did with my children. Their grades have improved; also their self-esteem is higher, because they know what the work is all about. Thank you.”

Laskhmi kala

“The tutorial online is an excellent tool for children who need the additional help, but can't utilize school teachers. It really helped my child to do a lot better on her high school end of year exams. She felt a lot better and more confident while taking it, due to the additional help she received from the HighPoints program. This is a great program. Please keep it around for others; I think it will be very helpful to all school children.”

Venkat Krishna

“I strongly suggest to students/parents to participate in the HighPoints online program. My child's math grades improved immensely in such a short period of time. My child became more focused and more serious about his academic success. It allowed my child to be exposed to math concepts that his peers at school had not been exposed to. His self-esteem improved.”

Hemalatha G

“My son has ADD and he found the computer easy to use. The hints were so helpful in the teaching process. Thank you for allowing us to take part in the program.”

parsuram Krishna

“My son started this program last year. He was in special needs classes. My son no longer has to take those classes. He has improved so much. We will be using this program every year that it is available to us. Thank you HighPoints.”


“My child has made a vast improvement in math. She has brought up a F in math to an A. These learning sessions also helped Alexis with her attention span. She now focuses more.”

Ganesh CH

“I have seen improvement in her math grades. She seems to focus more on how she works out math problems. I believe the tutorial program has helped her be more confident towards math. I feel she will continue to do well and progress. She even got STUDENT OF THE MONTH in math. We appreciate your help. Thanks.”

Praveen Kumar