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What is HighPoints Math ?
HighPoints Math is a proprietary math learning platform that delivers anytime; anywhere math instruction to increase the proficiency of students in grades 1-10. HPLMath has been improving the math achievement of students in more than 27 states for over five years by strengthening their math skills, reinforcing classroom instruction, and boosting test taking skills. With consistent practice and attendance students are prepared to achieve higher scores on Math Exams and improve their core skills in Addition, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, pre-Calculus and more.
  • Annual licensing of our successful HighPoints Learning Math education platform for schools, districts, faith and community organizations
  • Students can work 24/7 via the internet from any where for the entire school year
  • Proven record of significant improvement in math test results with higher math grades in school
  • Mapped to state mathematics standards and aligned to CBSE standards
  • Student-level reporting for parent, student, teachers and district via password protected sites