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Why HighPoints Math ?

A History of Success
At HighPoints Math we have been improving student math performance for over seven years. In that time over 18,000 students have used our math learning platform for more than 925,000 hours with outstanding results.
Benefits of HighPoints Math
Student Benefits
  • Improved performance in math for grades 1-10
  • Higher test scores
  • Increased focus on the task at hand
  • Increased confidence in test taking situations
  • Improved math problem solving
  • Positive behavior due to less frustration
  • No Child left behind with HighPoints.
Teacher Benefits
  • Reinforces classroom learning
  • Class performance increases
  • Assessment drives individual learning plans
  • Aligns with CBSE Standards
  • Real-time progress tracking and access
  • Positive behavior due to less frustration
  • Reports for students, teachers, and parents
Parent Benefits
  • Stay Involved in your Child’s HighPoints Math Experience.
  • Parents may actively monitor the progress of child 24/7.
  • We welcome parents to review the up to date progress of their child at anytime.
  • You can view your child’s Achievement Goals that have been designed based on your child’s Pre-Test (Diagnostic Assessment Test).
  • You may also view your child’s online session records.
School Benefits
  • Math test scores improve
  • More competent and confident student body
  • More “on task” and “engaged” students
  • Sends message to teachers that leadership
  • Real-time progress tracking and access
  • No expensive hardware or IT maintenance
  • Quick implementation and easy access
State Benefits
  • Math test scores improve
  • Aligned to state CBSE standards
  • Exam preparation, assessment, and monitoring
  • Web based, can be accessed anywhere anytime.
Value Added Benefits of Working With HighPoints Learning
When you work with HighPoints Learning you get more than just a great math program. We go the extra mile to make sure that your students, teachers, administrators and parents receive incremental benefits from HighPoints Math . For each agreement we make available the following value added benefits:
  • Increased Student Math Achievement
  • Increased Revenue to Schools
  • Improved Communication with Schools and Parents
  • Assistance to Schools in Building Leadership Capacity